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Stock Confidential
Stock Confidential


Why miss out on HALF (or more!) of a stock’s profit potential by limiting yourself to a single breakout buying opportunity? Get much earlier reversal, momentum and secondary buy points, too. (Ever wonder why IBD and others always seem to be “late to the party?” NOW you know!) I’ll even tell you EXACTLY which stocks are starting their moves at our members-only Twitter page.

My twice-weekly updates also include Trading Highlights that tell you how my breakout and rebound stock picks are doing, and a Market Commentary that tells you when it’s safe to trade and when it’s not.

My FREE eBook tutorials tell you how to improve your ability to trade or invest in them.



I’ve spent 16 years at this– mastering technical analysis and the trading strategies of William O’Neill, Jesse Livermore, John Magee, Steve Nison and others– and I use ALL of this experience to help my subscribers do well in the market.

I’m accessible on Twitter and Facebook, and you might want to check out my blog on this site, too. My goal is try to make following the market & leading stocks highly profitable, easy-to-understand, fun, and who knows? Maybe even a little entertaining!

I have also authored three eBooks, “6 Closely-Guarded Secrets of Big Money Stock Traders,”“Finding Bottomed Out Stocks Ready for Blastoff,” and “Finding Stocks With Hidden Explosive Profit Potential” which come free depending on the subscription you choose.

Browse through some of the reviews on this site. I think you’ll enjoy, and really benefit from my stock picks and market commentaries. I can only hope that you enjoy your subscription half as much as I enjoy helping and being accessible to my many happy subscribers.