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Stock Confidential
Stock Confidential

At Stock Confidential we respect the privacy of our subscribers and use PayPal for its ease of use, dependability and the reputation they’ve developed over the years.


Because this service processes your order, the only information we receive from them is limited to your name, email address, and approximate geographical area.  This information is only used to send you our twice-a-week updates, any bonus information that comes with your order, or to answer any questions you may have.


If you sign up to receive my free eBook & “Millionaire Trade Secrets” emails, the information we receive is similar, but it’s used to send you these materials, information about special offers and upcoming webinars, and charts of recent stock picks, and you are offered the opportunity to opt out of receiving further correspondence at any time.


Under NO circumstances is any of the information we receive used for any other purpose.  Your personal information will never be sold to or otherwise provided to a third party for any reason.


PayPal has its own privacy policy which you were made aware of when you signed up for an account with them, and which is accessible at