Check Out this Candlestick Chart Showing GrubHub’s (GRUB) 10%+, One-Day Move

Here’s my candlestick chart showing GrubHub’s 10%+ intraday move that was posted in the social media. What makes this trade so nice was that, unlike a lot of stocks that gap up when their earnings are announced, this stock gave … Continue reading

Check Out This Chart Pattern Showing LGI Homes’ (LGIH) 21%+ Move

Here’s the chart pattern for LGI Homes’ (LGIH) 21% move to date, as just posted on Twitter, Stocktwits, Investfeed, Facebook, Google+ and other social sites. (Chart courtesy of LGI Homes, Inc. builds new homes in Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, … Continue reading

Candlestick Chart Showing PayPal’s (PYPL) 24% Move Above My Buy Point.

Here’s the candlestick Chart I just posted on social media sites showing PayPal’s (PYPL) 24% move above my buy point. (Chart courtesy of Paypal (PYPL) operates as a technology platform company that enables digital and mobile payments on behalf … Continue reading

Check Out Applied Optoelectronics (AAOI) Going Into “Beast Mode” for a 31% Move in Just 6 Days

A suprisingly strong earnings release was all Applied Optoelectronics (AAOI) needed to go into “beast mode.” Starting from my $49.95 buy point just six days ago, the stock has exploded for a 31% move. (Chart courtesy of According to … Continue reading

Check Out This Stock Chart Showing Atlassian Corp’s (TEAM) 14.38% Move in Just 9 Days

Check out Atlassian Corp’s (TEAM) 14.38% move in just 9 days– and remarkably, without a single down day in between! The chart was just posted on Twitter, Stocktwits, Facebook and elsewhere in the social media. (Chart courtesy of Atlassian … Continue reading

Update of My Earlier Stock Chart Showing Panera Bread’s (PNRA) $78/share, 33% Move

Here’s an update of Panera Bread’s (PNRA) explosive more after JAB expressed an interest in acquiring the company. As you can see, it pays to hold onto your winners! (Chart courtesy of

Stock Chart Showing Lam Research’s (LRCX) Recent $20/share, 17% Gain

Here’s a chart showing Lam Research’s (LRCX) recent nearly 17% gain as posted on Twitter and the other social media. The $20/share gain you see here is through Thursday, April 20th, but the stock was up another 0.44% today. (Chart … Continue reading

Stock Chart Showing Panera Bread’s (PNRA) $25.52/Share, 11% Move

Here’s a chart showing Panera Bread’s $25.52/share, 11% move in just 11 days and despite some volatile trading days. (Candlestick chart courtesy of Panera Bread Company (PNRA), together with its subsidiaries, owns, operates, and franchises retail bakery-cafes.

Check Out This Candlestick Chart Showing TopBuild Corp’s (BLD) 14.3%, 10-day move.

TopBuild Corp’s (BLD) explosive 14.3%, 10-day move as posted on Twitter, Stocktwits, Facebook, etc.. The stock is only one of several companies participating in the construction/infrastructure-building industry that have been given a boost by the Trump administration. (Chart provided by … Continue reading

Stock Chart Showing MaxLinear’s (MXL) 19% move in 21 days.

Here’s a chart I just posted in the social media showing MaxLinear’s (MXL) 19% move in just a matter of 21 days, beginning with my mention of it in my January 11th subscriber update and continuing through to the close … Continue reading