Evercore Partners’ (EVR) 34%, 34-Day Breakout Move

Check out Evercore Partners’ (EVR) 34% breakout move as posted today on Twitter, Stocktwits, Investfeed and elsewhere in the social media. The tightening Bollinger bands set the stock up, and the prospect of a less-regulating Trump administration did the rest. … Continue reading

Breakout Stock LifeLock (LOCK) Making Its 20%, 10-Day Move

Featured breakout stock, LifeLock (LOCK) managed a nice 20% move in a matter of just 10 days as shown in this chart just posted on Twitter, Stocktwits, Investfeed, Google+ etc. LifeLock provides identity theft protection services to consumers, and consumer … Continue reading

Candlestick Chart Showing Breakout Stock Primerica’s (PRI) 3-day, 20.5% Move

The market’s recent rally has unleashed many of my recent breakout stock picks, one of these is Primerica (PRI). In the case of Primerica, the possible lifting of burdensome financial industry regulations with a new administration was all this stock … Continue reading

Candlestick Chart Showing HealthEquity’s (HQY) 18% Move

Check out HealthEquity’s $HQY recent 18% breakout move move, as posted in the social media (Twitter, Stocktwits, Facebook, Investfeed, etc) on Friday. (Chart courtesy of Stockcharts.com)

Candlestick Charts Showing Argan’s (AGX) 22% Move & Gigamon’s (GIMO) 8-Day, 14% Move

I posted the following candlestick chart on Twitter last week showing Argan’s 22% breakout move: Here’s a chart of Gigamon’s (GIMO) breakout move, as posted today, Sept. 25th on Twitter and eslewhere in the social media: