Check Out This Candlestick Chart Showing TopBuild Corp’s (BLD) 14.3%, 10-day move.

TopBuild Corp’s (BLD) explosive 14.3%, 10-day move as posted on Twitter, Stocktwits, Facebook, etc.. The stock is only one of several companies participating in the construction/infrastructure-building industry that have been given a boost by the Trump administration. (Chart provided by … Continue reading

Stock Chart Showing MaxLinear’s (MXL) 19% move in 21 days.

Here’s a chart I just posted in the social media showing MaxLinear’s (MXL) 19% move in just a matter of 21 days, beginning with my mention of it in my January 11th subscriber update and continuing through to the close … Continue reading

Stock Chart Showing Broadcom’s (AVGO) 14% Move in Eight Days

Check out Broadcom’s (AVGO) 14% move in just eight days. I know, my previous chart showed a 10% move in six days, but the darn stock just kept going, so I thought I’d update this post. Here’s my original chart: … Continue reading

Candlestick Chart Showing Nvidia’s (NVDA) Nearly 13% in Just 7 Days

Nvidia (NVDA) was already on my subscribers’ buy list with a $94.89 buy point when Evercore’s CJ Muse upgraded the stock to “buy” and gave it a $120 price target. Sometimes that’s all it takes to turn a stock that … Continue reading

Evercore Partners’ (EVR) 34%, 34-Day Breakout Move

Check out Evercore Partners’ (EVR) 34% breakout move as posted today on Twitter, Stocktwits, Investfeed and elsewhere in the social media. The tightening Bollinger bands set the stock up, and the prospect of a less-regulating Trump administration did the rest. … Continue reading